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Nanometer material  
Product name: Nanometer Zinc Oxide
Function: shielded UN ray, absorbing IR ray, sterilization, health protection
Application: textile industry, cosmetics, rubber product
Product name: Nanometer Titanium Dioxide
Function: shielded UN ray, antibiotic, depriving bad smell, strengthening, toughening
Application: producing functional fiber and plastics, cosmetic sheltering, high quality paint, ink, water treatment
Product name: Photocatalysis liquid
Function: remove the noxious gas in the air
Application: ?The families’ decoration, the automobile and the public place
Product name: nanometer silver disinfectant
Function: Broad spectrum sterilization. Lasting effect of antibacteria
Application: daily Lavation and spraying medicine
Product name: nanometer antiseptic (eiderdown)
Function: Sterilization, resist bacteria and bacteriostasis
Application: Feather lavation
Product name: nanometer antiseptic (textile)
Function: Sterilization, resist bacteria and bacteriostasi
Application: packing of clothing, shoes and sock
Product name: textile anti-water,anti-oil,anti-soil product
Function: anti-water,anti-oil,anti-soil
Application: Clothing lining. Tie
Product name: flame-resistant and anti-static electricity agent
Function: flame-resistant.? Anti-static electricity
Application: Clothing.? Decoration material
Product name: functional nanometer powder
Function: Wear-resisting, heat insulation and anti-dirt
Application: Rubber, coating and plastic


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